PIPIFAX FOR TIRANA / Through the looking glass and what we found there

The exhibition “PIPIFAX for Tirana / Through the looking glass and what we found there” is organized by Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art in the framework of the Project “Artists in Residency” supported by ProHelvetia with the participation of Haus am Gern, represented by the Swiss artists Rudolf Steiner and Barbara Meyer Cesta.

The exhibited photos taken in key places in Tirana reflect the political changes and social dynamics that took place in the city during the last month. The artists and students involved in the project have created a series of pictures associated as metaphors for this situation. They try to provide a mirrored situation of the reality in which we live and that we are all part of this converted reality. Our responsibility is to bring it to the right position. This art work enables us to see the world from a different perspective and to question the role that we all play in the society.

Artist in residency Program is supported from ProHelvetia.

• Haus am Gern (Rudolf Steiner & Barbara Meyer Cesta:
• Tirana Art Lab, please visit:
• Prohelvetia:

PipiFax / Exhibition/ Tirana Art Lab

PipiFax / Exhibition/ by Tirana Art Lab

PipiFax / Exhibition / by Tirana Art Lab

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